What size rug does my horse need?

Author: Danielle - Impressa Designer & Director  

Rug size Buying Guide

When measuring your horse, please measure from the centre front of your horses chest to where you want the rug to end on the hindquarters use that measurement to compare to our sizing,

If you have any problems please contact us or if your horse has an extra wide or narrow chest, I can measure the chest sizing for you so that we can pick your perfect size rug.

Please note: these measurements are averages as different styles are made slightly diffrently and you will find with the longer shoulder gussets it makes for a more generous fit. I welcome exchange in size of rug if you purchase and try on a clean horse (preferably over the top of a clean rug so that there is no hair on the new rug - the same as you would like to receive your new rug). If in between, generally you would go down a size with my rugs. Thankyou!