About Us

Our Buisiness is to Impress your horse with comfort and

yourself with Quality and fit at a resonable price!


I have been in the horse industry for years... working with these gorgous animals as well as owning our own, so we know what you want! We want the horse to be comfortable, we want quality, durable materials and we want a reasonable price!

We have tested our rugs on each size miniature, pony and horse to insure a comfortable fit at every size, we include full satin lined shoulders, full length shoulder gussets, neck extender - My own design especially for grazing horses so neck extends with horse and offers full neck protection all the time, the rugs are contoured to horses top-line and particulary shaped to fit each size miniature, pony and horse!

We insure quality materials including 1200 Denier Waterproof rugs with naughty horses in mind we want them to last as long as possible!


We also sorce and bring you Quality locally handmade products and imported niche acessories.

These are all tested and approved by horses and owners before they are sold to you so stay tuned for fantastic equine products to come! 

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More about me and how This all started!... Coffee and reminising time...


Growing up as a Crazy horse lover but family could not afford to purchase one.. Every Birthday and Christmas (and Every day in between!) I would be asking for one!

I would get to go on the occasional trail ride and pony camp  and as soon as I could I had a weekend job mucking out stables in exchange for being able to groom and saddle all the horses! (thought i was winning!.. haha)... but we horselovers are a little Nutty! haha.


I read Every book in the library about everything to do with horses and studied everything from how to ride and care to how there bodies work. As I grew up I took a paid job at a veterinary clinic close to home, Achieved my diploma in Horse Management and worked two jobs (vet and Riding school in city). I moved to the city at 17yrs to take the position at Centennial Park working within a Show Jumping School.. Stable duties, care and working horses, teaching kids how to ride and horse husbandry.


I bought my first horse (16.2hh TB 3year old - Off the track 'Stevie') when I was 18years, but unfortunately he was not 100% and constantly had colic.. (so basically working to pay his vet bills! agh) with suggestions from vets, I moved him out of the stables to a paddock situation….Travelling a few times a week to see him, I decided to move to the western suburbs and took a job with an elite dressage coach (of course pay was not high but experience was very good), so I had to also take a second job (to pay for my horse! lol).

I was offered a position with Polo ponies on a large farm.. working, care and strapping for events the 21+ horses and in the off season breaking, working with the young horses and farm or cattle work.. After ill-treatment I looked elsewhere and found a position at a hobby farm in Wisemans Ferry... I had a wonderful time for 7 years with the 4x kids.. starting off with ponies and horses from the sale yards to taking ponies to the Royal Easter Show, Polocrosse, Show Jumping, Pony Club and many full day trail rides, my 'Stevie' (Xrace horse) passed away from colic at this stage - the most heart wrenching day of my life!  



I was looking for a horse for one of the kids and found in the paddock an off the track TB(Thoroughbred) 'Elle' and she was just what I needed.. so put her on the float that day and took her home (funny story through.. as we Had noticed her in horsedeals a couple of issues ago, she had a spotty white stripe on her face! so when she raced upto us in the paddock We where like 'what the!?' and i asked if she was for still for sale.. she had no work for 6months... I got on in the paddock (..and cried.. i knew it was ment to be!).. She was a fast and fun mare who tried hard and I enjoyed many times with her in the arena and out and about.. now the kids keen on Polocrosse, Elle was not so cool headed to cope with this.. I than invested in a performance Stockhorse ('Hudini'), 'Elle' was put in foal to an ASH(Australian Stock Horse) stallion to have a beautiful filly, 'Lola'.
7years later.. 



I finished working at Wisemans ferry to move in with Partner (Matt) in the Blue Mountains and I had a boy(human) and now ... 8 years later I have .. 6 horses and two kids 'Michael 8yrs and Olivia 6yrs' (as well as dogs and chickens etc..) Our current horses are 'Lola' and her foal 'Sunka’ (2yrold Australian Stockhorse gelding), Minis 'Bonbon' and 'Goldy', Ponies: Welsh B 'Bunny' and Welsh 'Dainty'.. who are of course wearing my design of Impressa Rugs and feature in many photos! They are the main test subjects to whenever I am doing  I was never happy with the fit of rugs on 90% of the horses I looked after and owned.. always thinking they must be uncomfortable wearing them all day.. adjusting and re-sewing them so that the necks Covered the horses neck with freedom of grazing - producing my much loved neck extender! I also had many troubles with shoulder rubbing - besides it being unsightly, it is horrible to think how the horse would be uncomfortable with this rug on all day pulling and rubbing to achieve no hair in that spot!  and so tested many different designs over the years and tweaked it so that the rug will sit in the right place with the right size and shape shoulder gusset and minimal pull and rub in the shoulder area!! I have spent hours and hours over the years(actually don’t want to think about how many hours iv spent! lol) researching, designing and testing Materials and fit on each size horse and finally producing my Own rug range.. 



I feel now I have reached my ultimate design! I’m sure my range will grow to accommodate all types of horses - as I’ve found a 4'6 pony and a 4'6 size foal are different shapes and have different size necks and bodies so the need for a rug that accommodates both is difficult but feel I have achieved this to the best of one rug on two different horses can be  I source the highest quality materials, purchase in bulk at the best prices and have the rugs made to my exact designs in each size.. from the tiny 2'9(cute!) and the super huge 7'6(amazing!).


I am really exited to be hearing all the feedback with many consistently returning clients from Australia Wide and Overseas!

I have also introduced many 'accessories' which I test and use myself and LOVE before I sell them to you  .. many are hand made by locals who I also love to support businesses like myself who work very hard long hours manly for the Love and Passion of the product! 


Enjoy browsing my website and please Contact me anytime for any questions or suggestions!

Danielle and the Impressa Team