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Our Buisiness is to Impress your horse with comfort and

yourself with Quality and fit at a resonable price!


We have been in the horse industry for years... working with them as well as owning our own Large horses and little miniatures, so we know what you want! We want the horse to be comfortable, we want quality, durable materials and we want a reasonable price!

so... we have tested our rugs on each size miniature, pony and horse to insure a comfortable fit at every size, we include full satin lined shoulders, full length shoulder gussets, neck extender - My own design especially for grazing horses so neck extends with horse and offers full neck protection all the time, the rugs are contoured to horses top-line and particulary shaped to fit each size miniature, pony and horse!

We insure quality materials including 1200 Denier Waterproof rugs with naughty horses in mind we want them to last as long as possible!


We also sorce and bring you Quality locally handmade products, tested and approved by horses and owners before they are sold to you so stay tuned for fantastic equine products to come! 

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