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Feeding your horse should be easy! 
Keep it simple with Sound Advice Nutritional Supplements.

Horses evolved eating grass, so why do you need a million expensive supplements? It shouldn't be so complicated.  Sound Advice Horse Health has made it easy. We've tested grasses and hays in Australia, compared that to a horse's average daily requirements, and made a range of supplements containing exactly what's missing. No fillers, no flavours - just what your horse needs and nothing that it doesn't.

We've researched the best quality ingredients at the best prices. Our goal is to make supplements affordable so that horse owners can give them to any and every horse - not just the 'good' horse.

Stop buying expensive products you don't need.Sound Advice products are easy, affordable and effective.

Feed your horse Trace Mix and Calm Mix every day with a simple low sugar diet, and you can expect your horse to have better hoof quality, softer, shinier coats, less fading, better immune response, fewer allergies (including Queensland Itch), less incidence of hoof thrush, greasy heel and other opportunistic infections. AND you should see a more even disposition and improved performance.

 We Personally use these products and Love them! It makes such a noticeable difference to the horses temperment and performance as well as obvious coat and hoof health!

Let's keep it simple! Horses are designed to eat grass - not to eat meals and live in houses. Most hays and pastures provide a good solid source of nutrients for the majority of horses. What is generally missing from grass and hay are the same group of minerals.

Symptoms of deficiencies in these minerals are:
* chipping, cracking hooves. Hoof thrush (hooves that smell).
* gunky eyes, greasy heel, skin inflammation, rain scald
* fading coat, brittle hair, rough hair.
* irritability, twitchy skin, or nervousness.
* stiffness, stilted gaits - slow to warm up.
* laziness, grumpiness.

Do any of these sound like your horse?

Most commercial feeds and mineral mixes contain these minerals, but they also contain iron. Australian soils and pastures are often very high in iron. Horses will often have an excess of iron in the diet. Excess iron inhibits the uptake of the trace minerals, making the symptoms of deficiencies worse!

Sound Advice supplements do not contain iron

Here at Sound Advice we've made feeding your horse easy. We've sampled hays and pastures and made a mix that contains what's missing from the average pasture and hay in Australia.
Feed your horse 1-2% of its body weight in hay and pasture, and give your horse Trace Mix (trace minerals in a salt base), Biotin Trace (trace minerals in a biotin base) or Optimum Trace + Chia (trace minerals in a chia base) and Calm Mix (magnesium and B vitamins) with all small amount of quality lucerne chaff, or soy hulls, or beet pulp.

Sound Advice Supplements are safe for horses with metabolic conditions, such as founder, cushings and laminitis.

That's it! Could it be easier?If your horse has special needs, for example, a breeding stallion, or pregnant mare, a horse in heavy training, or recovering from injury, we are happy to offer suggestions for a complete diet
In addition, we have a range of other products that address very common health problems.


Biotin Trace Mix contains the trace minerals – copper, zinc and iodine in a biotin premix base. It contains only ingredients that are typically missing from a horse’s diet and no fillers or flavours.
We designed this supplement for clients with horses that have typical thoroughbred-type problem feet – chipping cracking, crumbly, poor hoof quality.
It contains trace minerals at about 150% of minimum daily requirements (which is the optimum amount – at minimum levels most horses still show symptoms of deficiencies, like flaky cracked hooves, thrush, greasy heel, gunky eyes, rain scald, starey coats, metabolic and other immune dysfunction). 
It contains no iron (which competes with traces for absorption).
Biotin Trace is palatable, and it is great bang for buck compared to other biotin hoof supplements on the market.
Biotin Trace has all the advantages of the other hoof supplements, without fillers, making it a very cost effective, easy supplement to use. 
One 50g scoop per day. A 3kg bag is 2 month’s supply.
Biotin Trace comes in 3kg heat-sealed bags.
Trace minerals copper zinc and iodine in a biotin base.


Many horses experience gastro intestinal discomfort because of the way that we manage them. Symptoms of gut pain include; cribbing, colic, choking, horses that are grumpy or girthy, tending to kick their right hind leg, or grind their teeth. Some stoic horses with gastro-intestinal pain or even ulcers will simply exhibit reduced performance. You can help to prevent gastro-intestinal problems arising, and reduce these symptoms by adding Gastro Mix to your horse's diet.                    
Gastro Mix - slippery elm, yeast, chia and marshmallow to support gut function, helps address gastro-intestinal ulcers, cribbing, windsucking and other symptoms of gastro intestinal discomfort.


Includes the trace minerals typically deficient in equine diets - copper, zinc, iodine in a salt base. These traces are necessary for the healthy function of skin, coat, hoof quality, immunity, eye health & internal organs.


Calm Mix - magnesium and B vitamins for muscle cramping, irritability, twitchiness, stilted gaits, or nervousness.


Relief Mix: devil's claw and MSM can be used for pain relief and anti-inflamatory as an alternative to bute or cortisone without the damaging side effects. Excellent where horses require long term pain relief such as navicular, laminitis, recovery from injury, or arthritis


Do your horse's hooves stink? Hooves are a moist, warm, greebly-attracting environment. You need to keep them clean, just like you need to brush your teeth each day to keep bacteria at bay. Good to Go makes this easy. Just pick out your hooves and dust on the Good to Go Powder and you're Good to Go!!


Bio Mos Prebiotic 1kg

Maintains a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

May help reduce the risk of scours.

Dosage 10g per day per horse, At this low inclusion rate, Bio Mos is outstanding value for money Especially compared to other GI products available on the market. If you are currently feeding a GI product or your horse has chronic GI symptons it may be worth trying Bio Mos.

Contains: hydrolysed yeast and distillers grains


Mycosorb A+
1kg heat sealed pouch
Mycosorb A+ binds a wide range of mycotoxins and supports overall performance.
Backed by 18 years of research.
Dosage: 10g to 30g (30g scoop enclosed).


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