Are you looking for a quality rug that has been designed and tested on real horses!? Tested for comfort and fit on each size horse, Pony, Mini and Heavy... You have landed in the Right place! We design, stock and use our own rug range Made and tested for our beautiful horses of all sizes. Many design features including neck extender on our combos for perfect grazing comfort, Full satin lined shoulders, extended freedom shoulder gussets, contoured topline and extra large tail flaps.. generous fit and drop for the heavies, a petit fit for our minis and a good drop and shape for your standard size horses and ponies... Enjoy browsing our website with many locally handmade items on offer from talented Australians as well as some unique imported products.. if you like to stay upto date please join our newsletter.. (Current offer.. you'll receive a free Gift for every subscriber with your next order) Have a lovely day!